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In Sky King you take on the role of a cute squirrel who goes on a quest to find the sacred acorn.


Enjoy this cute 3D comic game and glide through the air, dodge countless unlucky birds and collect enchanted acorns that will give you magical abilities.

Do you have what it takes to become the king of the sky?

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Sky King is available now free of charge for Microsoft Windows.

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Ninji Dog is a game about my sugar-sweet shepherd Jim Lee and his princess Ju Lee.

Tap as fast as you can to survive as many waves of enemies as possible. Collect chicken legs to buy damage updates from the Ninji Shop and use your epic battle shout to reach and defeat the fearsome boss King Gobli.

Can you become the ultimate Ninji Dog?

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Ninji Dog is available now free of charge for Microsoft Windows.

Eisernes Herz

R1ckhy impresses with unique voice acrobatics paired with varied entertainment and a very special kind of humor. He shows impressive skills in the real-time strategy genre (RTS) and loves to face any strategic challenge.


– All Achivements in Command & Conquer Remastered

– Worms Armageddon Deathmatch Superstar

– 365 days livestream challenge

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100% Command & Conquer Generals Uncut:

– Complete Uncut of C&C Generals 

– Blood effects for infantry units

– Deleted mission implemented (GBA 3)

– Uncut video and sound recordings

– Remastered Intromap

100% Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour Uncut

– Complete Uncut of C&C Generals Zero Hour

– Blood effects on infantry units

– Rocket Buggy black missile tail

– Uncut video and sound recordings

– Remastered Intromap

Welcome to the “Forge of Legends”, where we don’t just play games, we forge legends!

This is where brilliance is celebrated and greatness is born.

With a unique blend of talent, passion and pure entertainment, we offer our spectators an experience they won’t find anywhere else.

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🌟Welcome to our Etsy Store, Dreamful Embrace. Discover a world of digital wonders where art meets functionality. We specialize in creating unique and stunning digital designs for tumblers. Elevate your everyday items with our exclusive designs crafted to bring joy and style into your life.


🎨 Digital Tumbler Designs: Transform your tumblers into works of art with our collection of digital tumbler designs. From sleek and modern to whimsical and vibrant, our designs cater to various styles and preferences. Instantly elevate your beverage experience with our high-quality, downloadable designs.


Why Dreamful Embrace?

– Exclusive Designs: Every design is unique

– Instant Download: Instant access after purchase

– Versatile Usage: Personal and commercial use

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